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Bohaikangyuan Medical focuses on the innovation and development of precision "cold knife", leading modern fine surgery to reach the gold standard of "precision" treatment. 


we’ll ensure you always get best results.

Bohaikangyuan Medical (full name: Beijing Bohai Kangyuan Medical Device Co., Ltd.) is a national high-tech enterprise integrating innovative research and development, industrial production, Founded in 2009, ,large-scale marketing and medical services.

The company is headquartered in Beijing Yizhuang High-tech Industrial Park;It has a modern research and development and production base of 4000㎡, which can complete the research and development, production and other supporting work of second and third class sterile medical devices. The company has passed ISO13485, EN:ISO13485, CE, intellectual property standards implementation system and other certifications.

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Bohaikangyuan Medical provides accurate, minimally invasive, safe, professional, efficient and intelligent solutions for doctors in new surgical methods and new technologies.  


The cutting knife is sharp, especially suitable for the opening of the side wall of the blood vessel. The cut edge of the blood vessel cut with it is neat, the damage of the vascular intima is very small, and it is easy to heal, so as to effectively improve the success rate of vascular anastomosis and reduce the thrombosis after the operation.

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High precision surgery must be delicate, accurate and delicate, and try to protect the tissues. This series is jointly developed with many clinical experts to return to the era of minimally invasive and safe "cold weapons" and become a disseminator of precision surgery.

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First in China, the blade is 0.11mm thinner, about 35% thinner than 0.17mm of foreign blades; Puncture has better self closure, less damage and higher safety.

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Since its establishment, our factory has been developing first world class products with adhering the principle of quality first. Our products have gained excellent reputation in the industry and valuabletrusty among new and old customers..

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