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Curved Blade   DT-Z-357

The cutter head is designed with a curved blade, and the front end has two designs: pointed and blunt. The unique arc design can be used to hook tissue for cutting. It is suitable for transnasal sphenoid approach surgery, papillectomy, etc.

    Model and Specification















    Shipping Package


    Size (W×H×D)



    Stainless Steel (30Cr13) + ABS + Titanium (TC4)

    18 mm

    0.387 g

    5 pcs./box

    300 pcs./ctn.  (60 boxes)

    37.0×28.5×22.5 cm

    0.024 m3

    product features


    features a uniquely crafted curved blade with two different front end designs - pointed and blunt. This clever design allows surgeons to seamlessly transition between precise cutting and tissue manipulation depending on surgical requirements. The pointed end allows for fine, controlled incisions, while the blunt end is designed for gentle tissue manipulation and dissection. This dual functionality simplifies the surgical process, reduces the need for additional instruments and optimizes operating room efficiency. The highlight of our advanced curved blade surgical cutting machine is its unique curved design, which serves the dual purpose of promoting safe tissue clamping and precise cutting.
    This innovative feature allows surgeons to easily hook and manipulate tissue, ensuring stable, secure positioning for precise and controlled incisions. Whether navigating complex anatomy or performing delicate resections, this curved design enhances the surgeon's flexibility and control, ultimately helping to achieve superior surgical outcomes.
    Additionally, the advanced curved blade surgical cutter is tailor-made for transnasosphenoidal approach surgery and papillotomy, two procedures that require the utmost precision and skill. Its ergonomic design and versatile features make it an indispensable tool for surgeons handling these complex and delicate surgeries.Our knives' ability to transition seamlessly between pointed and blunt tips, coupled with their curved design for tissue manipulation, is a vital asset in achieving optimal results during these specialized surgical procedures.

    product conclusion


    In summary,This advanced surgical knife has been carefully designed to ensure compatibility with minimally invasive techniques, where precision and adaptability are critical.Its smooth, streamlined shape integrates seamlessly into endoscopic procedures, allowing surgeons to perform precise and minimally invasive interventions. The advanced curved blade surgical knife's versatile applications extend beyond transnasosphenoidal approach surgery and papillotomy, making it a valuable tool in a variety of minimally invasive surgical settings.