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Disposable stainless steel blood vessel scalpel

Dissection Knife

The tip of the knife is designed with a curved single-blade surface, with a blade length of 3mm and a width of 1mm. It has a fine cutting depth limit design to ensure the depth of puncture and cutting. It is suitable for surgery on parts of the coronary artery and venous fistula(arteriovenous fistula) that must be controlled in depth.

    PRODUCT description

    First of all, the knife tip design of the scalpel adopts a curved single-blade surface; the blade length is 3mm, and the width is 1mm. This design not only makes the blade more refined but also provides greater cutting accuracy. Moreover, the scalpel is also equipped with a sophisticated cut depth limit design, which means that the doctor can easily control the depth of the cut and puncture.

    Second, our curvilinear blade scalpels are ideal for use in areas that require deep control, such as coronary arteries and venous fistula. Coronary and venous fistula surgery(arteriovenous fistula)requires extremely delicate operations, and our scalpels are designed for this purpose. Whether performing puncture or cutting, doctors can rely on this scalpel to ensure the accuracy and safety of the operation.

    In addition to these advantages, our products have many other advantages. For example, its blade size is moderate so that the doctors can operate flexibly during surgery. The fine design of the blade can reduce the damage to the patient's tissue while improving the efficiency of the surgery. This scalpel's reliable performance and excellent quality can meet doctors' need for high-quality surgical tools.

    Overall, our curved blade scalpel is an innovative, efficient and safe medical tool. It provides doctors with sophisticated cutting and puncture operations to help them achieve better results in procedures that require deep control, such as coronary and venous fistulas. We believe this scalpel will become a useful tool for doctors and lead to better patient outcomes.

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you on the development of medical technology.

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    Model & Specification


    Blade Length


    Unit Weight

    Secondary Package

    Shipping Package

    JPD PQ-L-1

    Stainless steel (30Cr13) + ABS

    3 mm

    0.186 g

    5 Pcs. / Box

    300 Pcs. / ctn

    JPD PQ-L-2

    Stainless steel (30Cr13) + ABS

    4.5 mm

    0.186 g

    5 Pcs. / Box

    300 Pcs. / ctn

    JPD PQ-L-3

    Stainless steel (30Cr13) + ABS

    6 mm

    0.186 g

    5 Pcs. / Box

    300 Pcs. / ctn