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Double-edged stainless steel ABS JPD BL-B-1

Double edge design, sharp and convenient, swan neck design to reduce the occlusion of the surgical field of vision.

It has double edge design, longer edge and shorter edge for multiple use for fine cutting with longer edge down and shorter edge up. The curved blade can easily scrape the tissue. The curved small back blade improves the cutting performance. The swan neck design on the front of the handle ensures no blocking of the vision under the microlens. It is suitable for tissue parts which require fine and sharp separation, such as skin flaps, free blood vessels, etc.

  • Model number JPD BL-B-1

PRODUCT description

Coronary artery bypass surgery: Coronary artery bypass and venous fistula surgery: Through unique knife design and innovative vascular anastomosis technology, the degree of vascular damage is minimized, the risk of thrombosis and vascular stenosis is reduced, and the vascular patency rate is greatly improved.

Constrictive pericarditis surgery: Unique dissection knife design, innovative treatment techniques.

Hypospadias Surgery: Urology/Andrology/Reproductive Center/Pediatric Urology/Pediatric surgery.

Vascular pedicled skin flap transplantation: Orthopedics and Prosthetics, Burn orthopedics, oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Stripping Knife(JPD-BL-B-1) + Handle 0°rq0

PRODUCT Features

Double Edge dissection: Designed for cardiovascular anatomy. The blade can be used for applications such as thickening the pericardium or vascular dissection at constant depth.

It is used for delicate dissection and dissection of blood vessels and soft tissues in surgery or microsurgery.


Model &



Blade Length


Unit Weight

Secondary Package

Shipping Package


Stainless Steel (30Cr13) + ABS

12.5 mm

0.487 g

5 Pcs. / Box

300 Pcs. / ctn.


Stainless Steel (30Cr13) + ABS

14.5 mm


5 Pcs. / Box

300 Pcs. / ctn.


Stainless Steel (30Cr13) + ABS

16 mm


5 Pcs. / Box

300 Pcs. / ctn.


(1) This product contains stainless steel and ABS resin. Do not use in patients with allergic reactions to these substances.
(2) Do not use it for operations beyond the scope of application.
(3) Once the scalpel of this product touches objects beyond the scope of application, do not use it again [ the scalpel will be damaged, and the sharpness will be significantly reduced ]
(4) Do not resterilize the product, which may cause damage and infection risk to patients.