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External Fixators of Operating Tables

Product use: It is a small device for universal adjustment and locking of the posture of the lower leg during the implantation of intramedullary nails for orthopedic knee joints, arthroscopy, and distal femur and proximal tibia fractures.


    ●  Track Locking Bracket securely locks the Base Plate to the table with two thumb screws

    ●  Locks in any position with a simple turn of the wrist

    ●  Smooth sliding motion for effortless leg positioning

    ●  Well leg lies flat – eliminating the need for well-leg positioners, sandbags and gel pads

    ●  Easy-to-use and completely rigid once locked

    ●  All components are autoclavable

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    Product description



    Stability in knee surgery

    A device used for flexible support and positioning of human knee joints (including hip joints) during surgery. The doctor can put the patient's calf to the required posture according to the requirements of the operation, and lock the position to solve the problem that has been plagued by the need for lifting, and also expand the space for the surgeon during the operation.


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    Bandage suit

    During surgery, it is used when binding the patient's lower leg with equipment.

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    Product operation

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    The tilt and rotation adjustment handle can be used to tilt and rotate the foot bracket, and the adjusted position can be fixed when locked; the movement adjustment has two actions, fast and slow, clockwise and clockwise rotation of the adjustment handle can be slow to move forward and backward, Press the mobile adjustment handle to move forward and backward quickly; adjust the knee to the desired position by adjusting the tilt, rotation and movement.

    Product Advantages

    Liberation Assistant: To change the current situation of joint and arthroscopic surgery, one or two people need to raise the leg and hold the leg to avoid the deviation caused by man-made operation
    Universal adjustment: arbitrarily adjust the tilt, rotation, knee bending, and extension of the lower limbs, and universal multi-angle adjustment to meet the needs of the surgeon
    Arbitrary positioning: Manipulate the leg to the desired position and lock it, which effectively guarantees the stable positioning during the operation and improves the accuracy of the operation
    Expansion of space: because there is no assistant to raise the thigh next to it, the operation space and the operation field of view are enlarged, which is convenient for the surgeon to operate flexibly