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Disposable stainless steel JPD PQ-J-1

Straight knife handle, used to carry the cutting knife and stripping knife head.

The Microsurgical Scalpel Handles is intended used for fine sectioning and stripping of blood vessels and soft tissues in surgery or microsurgery.

  • Model number JPD DB-Z

PRODUCT description

Coronary artery bypass surgery: Coronary artery bypass and venous fistula surgery: Through unique knife design and innovative vascular anastomosis technology, the degree of vascular damage is minimized, the risk of thrombosis and vascular stenosis is reduced, and the vascular patency rate is greatly improved.

Constrictive pericarditis surgery: Innovative treatment methods and a distinctive dissection knife design.

Hypospadias Surgery: Urology/Andrology/Reproductive Center/Pediatric Urology/Pediatric surgery.

Vascular pedicled skin flap transplantation: Orthopedics and Prosthetics, Burn orthopedics, oral and maxillofacial surgery.

PRODUCT Features

Multi angle: It can be joined into six distinct angles with its slanted grip and blade, making it appropriate for coronary artery bypass surgery in various sections of the heart that continue to beat.

Depth limiting design: The blade's 3 mm depth limitation feature minimizes thrombosis by preventing damage to the inner and lower blood vessel walls during cutting of the upper blood vessel wall.

Double edged dissection:Blades can be used for vascular dissection, thickening of the pericardium, or continuous depth cutting; they are specifically intended for cardiovascular anatomy.

Samurai Knife Design: With its distinctively curved blade design, this innovative blood vessel opening technology is created by pushing, lifting, and penetrating.


Model &




Unit Weight


Secondary Package

Shipping Package


304 SS

177 mm

26.760 g

1 Piece / Box

20 Pcs. / Ctn.


304 SS

175 mm

26.446 g


1 Piece / Box

20 Pcs. / Ctn.


(1)Do not use the product for patients who are allergic to the product or metal;
(2)Do not use in operations beyond the applicable scope;
(3)Do not use this product on patients who are not suitable for surgery.

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