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Multi-angle double edge stainless steel ABS JPD PQ-L-1

Used with the hilt, especially for coronary artery bypass grafting.

The blade needs to be used in conjunction with the handle produced by our company.

The blade is disposable, and the metal handle can be reused for sterilization.

When disassembling the blade, be sure to use clamping pliers to cooperate with the operation.

  • Model number JPD PQ-L-1

PRODUCT description

Coronary artery bypass surgery: Coronary artery bypass and venous fistula surgery: Through unique knife design and innovative vascular anastomosis technology, the degree of vascular damage is minimized, the risk of thrombosis and vascular stenosis is reduced, and the vascular patency rate is greatly improved.

Constrictive pericarditis surgery: Innovative treatment methods and a distinctive dissection knife design.

Hypospadias Surgery: Urology/Andrology/Reproductive Center/Pediatric Urology/Pediatric surgery.

Vascular pedicled skin flap transplantation: Burn orthopedics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthopaedics and prosthetics.


PRODUCT Features

Multi-angle: It can be configured into six distinct angles using its angled grip and blade, making it appropriate for coronary artery bypass surgery in various sections of the heart that continue to pulse.

Depth limiting design: The blade's 3 mm depth limiting design prevents damage to the inner and lower blood vessel walls from being caused by cutting through the upper blood vessel wall, therefore lowering the risk of thrombosis.

Dissection with a double edge, especially for anatomy of the cardiovascular system. Blades can be used for vascular dissection, thickening the pericardium, or cutting at a consistent depth.

Samurai Knife Design: Special curved blade design that uses pushing, lifting, and piercing to create a unique blood artery opening technique.


Model & Specification


Blade Length


Weight (Unit)

Secondary Package

Shipping Package


Stainless steel (30Cr13) + ABS

3 mm

0.186 g

5 Pcs. / Box

300 Pcs. / ctn.


Stainless steel (30Cr13) + ABS

4.5 mm


5 Pcs. / Box

300 Pcs. / ctn.


Stainless steel (30Cr13) + ABS

6 mm


5 Pcs. / Box

300 Pcs. / ctn.


(1) This product should not be used in patients who have had an adverse response to ABS resin or stainless steel.
(2) It should not be used for tasks that are outside of its intended use.
(3) Do not use this product's scalpel again if it comes into contact with anything that is not intended for it. [ the scalpel will be damaged, and the sharpness will be significantly reduced ]
(4) Resterilizing the product could harm patients and increase their risk of infection.

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